Aramid Sewing Thread With SS Wire

Aramid Sewing Thread With SS Wire
Aramid Sewing Thread With SS Wire
Product Description

Para aramid  yarn are made of Para aramid 1414 staple fiber after spinning, twisting with SS316 wire. It is the high temperature sewing thread which is suitable for high speed sewing equipment.



High strength: strength can be achieved more than 20.0 cN/dtex, as well as is 5 times compared with steel and is 4 time of general chemical fiber material.

Low Density: much lower than steel, the density is only 1/5 of steel.

Excellent heat resistance: basically it does no loss of strength in the environment of 130 degrees; under condition of 240 degrees can be normal used; to about 560 degrees was carbonized decomposition and no melting point.SS316 wire can resist temperature up to 800deg C.

Chemical resistant: It will be affected that in high concentrations of acid and alkali environment using or exposing for long time.



Diameter 0.32mm, 16S/3, 111tex, S38, 9000m/kg, 0.5kg/roll, tensile strength > 40N



Para aramid fiber yarn often used for: high temperature resistant sewing thread, abrasion retardant sewing thread, high temperature sewing thread for dust filter bag, fireproof curtain sewing thread, cut resistant sewing thread for gloves, high strength high modulus aramid thread and other special functional sewing thread.

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